The Library will be accessible by appointment only from July 1 to August 31 2016. (02/6422464).


1st floor of the CIVA, 
Rue de l’Ermitage 55
, 1050 Brussels
Open: Tuesday to Friday, from 9.30 am to 5 pm.


The AAM library consists of its own collections, the Jean Dethier library and the Philippe Rotthier library. It is richly stocked with 30 000 works, ancient and recent, on architecture, town planning, the history of towns and construction techniques. It also possesses many collections of rare Belgian and foreign plates as well as an exceptional collection of journals on architecture, town planning and the applied arts from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries with around 250 titles, including such notable publications as L’Émulation, 7 Arts, La Cité, The Studio (London), Moderne Bauformen (Berlin), Wendingen (Amsterdam) and a selection of contemporary international journals.


Journal and newspaper articles, obituaries and texts on architects, town planning, the history of towns and aesthetics. Photographs of works are collected and classified per theme or per architect and creator. The documentation is mainly on Belgium but also on major figures and international architecture movements. The files include: the world fairs and the Brussels 1958 World Fair, skyscrapers, apartment buildings, garden cities, masonic lodges, the Mont-Blanc, the Pays Basque, the architectures of Miami, the Maisons du Peuple, architecture models, wrought iron works, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, industrial architecture, etc.

Image library

The photographic collections housed at the AAM include thousands of historic prints and some 10 000 original negatives. Thousands of black and white photographs, ektachromes and scans reproduce the principal documents from the various archives. These can be consulted for the purposes of research, publishing, exhibitions or film making.
Photographs by: Aram Alban, H. Baranger, Remy Bauters, Paul Cade, Chevojon, Robert E. Coates, R. Cuylits, Daams, Dominique Delaunay, Duquenne, Gilles Erhmann, Gilbert Fastenakens, Haut-Nemerlin, François Hers, Lucien Hervé, Willy Kessels, J. W. Kitchenham, La Photographie Documentaire, Lokay, Lumière, Robert Martin, Máté Olga, Sophie Ristelhueber, Georges Rouquet, Sado, Albin Salaün, Roger Schall, S. Sergysels, Sacha Stone, Tairraz, E. Toupillier, C. Vandenberghe, Henri Vermeulen (La Photodrome), G. Wieser…
Access to the library is free of charge for members of the association. For further information, click here.