Ground floor of the CIVA
55 Rue de l’Ermitage, 1050 Brussels




Since 1969 the Archives d’Architecture Moderne have collected and saved from destruction hundreds of thousands of the archive documents of architects and artists.
All types of documents are conserved: plans, sketches, perspectives, technical details, specifications, correspondence, samples, prototypes, models and a collection of architect-designed furniture. These collections, for the most part donated, represent more than 300 creators from Brussels, Belgium and abroad from the 19th and 20th centuries.
The archives include works by: Jos Bascourt, Marcel-Louis Baugniet, Ernest Blérot, Fernand Bodson, Victor Bourgeois, Renaat Braem, Théo Clément, Fernand, Gaston and Maxime Brunfaut, Peter Callebout, Alban Chambon, Louis Herman De Koninck, Albert and Alexis Dumont, Jean-Jules Eggericx, Lucien François, Paul Hankar, Paul Hamesse, Georges Hobé, Victor Horta, Stanislas Jasinski, Ernest Jaspar, Léon Krier, Henry Lacoste, Marcel Leborgne, Le Corbusier, Robert Mallet-Stevens, Paul-Amaury Michel, Antoine Pompe, Léon Sneyers, Pierre and József Vago, Henri van de Velde, Frank Lloyd Wright…
They are also home to a collection of decors and dance costumes designed by Akarova and, in particular, major collections on the 1958 Brussels World Fair, the former Belgian Congo and Zaire, the Blaton company, Miami and the Basque Country.

Consulting the archives

The archives can be consulted by appointment only.

Rate per file:

  • Students: 5 Euros
  • Private individuals: 15 Euros
  • Professionals: 25 Euros

The list of collections can be consulted on this page.
To consult the regulations on archive consultation and conditions for reproductions, please see the consultation form.

Acquiring reproductions

Reproductions of elements from the collections (plans, photographs, furniture designs, etc.) can be acquired on request (in the form of a high definition CD-ROM) on payment of the cost.
Payment of fees for reproducing images in publications, films and other supports.
The fees are payable (according to the rates) to the AAM when they are the owner. Otherwise, the fees are payable to the legal successors. For example, the AAM can provide reproductions of works by Victor Horta, but the reproduction fees are payable to the Société multimédia des auteurs des arts visuels (SOFAM).

Making a donation to the archives

Any donation or depositing with the archives (plans, photographs, models, furniture, correspondence, journals and books) broadens within the collections the panorama of the architecture of Brussels and Belgium, making it possible to offer members of the public and researchers a unique documentation. If you would like to make a donation of architecture archives, please contact the AAM on 00 32 (2) 642 24 62 or via our contact form.